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River Mapping

Explore beautiful and remote places

Create! Share your Interests and Skills Let’s work together to build your ideal adventure! We can arrange guides and gear for an amazing day on the river, or if you prefer we can help organize lodging, meals and activities for your mutli-day  excursion in the Maya World.  One of our specialties are 3 day camping expeditions on a full spectrum of inland rivers, coastal lagoons and Coral islands.  Whether you are backpacking around the Maya world or flying into Belize for a week of adventures, Conservation Adventure Tours can guide you into and amazing experience

Location of Belize

Culture! Experience and appreciate the diversity of the Belizean nation of people.  Meet Drummakers and Bush doctors from Maroon Creole cultures, and learn about the holy cacao plant directly from the Mayan farmers who cultivate it.  There are many opportunities to explore Belize’s cultural past and present from ancient ceremonial sites at caves and temples, to modern gatherings and festivals in the villages and cities.

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Come on an adventure in Belize!

snorkeling in Belize

Experince floating through coral gardens!

Conserve! Play a part in the protection of these beautiful places.

Conservation Adventure Tours invites you on an experience to learn from and care for the natural wonders and friendly cultures of Central America. Work along side conservation biologists and watershed associations to help learn about and share our appreciation for these precious natural resources. Some of the ways that we do this is by creating watershed maps of the rivers that we float, planting back and tending impacted riverside vegetation, leading river cleanup floats and educating the youth about their rivers and ecosystems. Another simple way to learn and contribute is to collect bird and wildlife lists as we float down the river. There are many different ways to get involved even if you are just passing through for a day or a week.

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